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Double-Bubble Breast Deformity (Elevated Implant Deformity)

Patients present to Dr. Linder both in Beverly Hills and in Las Vegas with severe deformities of the breasts. One deformity that frequently occurs is the Double-Bubble Breast Deformity where the implants are high riding and the appearance of the breasts is very abnormal. Normally, these women present with implants that were malposition right from the start. When an incorrect is done, patients will often develop a Double-Bubble Deformity. For example, if a woman has Grade III ptosis with severe sagginess and laxity of the skin and really needs a formal mastopexy, a Wise-pattern or anchor scar, with an implant placed, but rather a Benelli lift is done with a round block (skin is simply removed circumferentially around the areola), this often leads to widespread scarring of the areola with the areola and the skin still lax and thereby falling inferiorly and the implant placed in the superior upper pole of the breast. This leads to a Double-Bubble Deformity. Classically, the definition of a Double-Bubble Breast Deformity is where the implant is superiorly retropositioned too high and the skin problem with laxity has not been addressed and therefore it is too low. It kinda over-drapes the breast itself. Again, the most common etiology of this is that the patient underwent incorrect surgery. Often, plastic surgeons may try to reduce scarring and tell the patient, why don't we do an implant and an areolar lift, that is skin removed only around the areola, but they don't address the vertical skin laxity or skin along the inframammary fold and thereby patients almost always end up with a Double-Bubble Breast Deformity. To fix this, it requires an open capsulotomy or capsulectomy with removal or release of scar tissue, inferiorly repositioning the implant and then a formal mastopexy redoing the scar around the areola along the vertical limb and along the inframammary fold, addressing the true skin laxity along the vertical and inframammary plane.

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Only Board Certified Plastic Surgeons should be performing these operations, as they do require a lot of skill and experience in judgment. Dr. Linder sees patients throughout the world who have Double-Bubble Breast Deformities and fixing these requires skill. The operation as described must be performed correctly and the formal mastopexy Wise-pattern technique is an absolute essential component to repair the breast and reshape the breast to give it a normal appearance. Please look at the photographs provided of the Double-Bubble Breast Deformity and note the implant is too high and the skin is still too low and has not been correctly addressed by performing a formal mastopexy.

before and after Double-Bubble Breast Deformity correction 2 of 3

Often patients undergo transaxillary or transumbilical approach and they may also develop Double-Bubble Deformity in that the muscle along the parasternal and the lateral anterior axillary line were not correctly released and thereby the muscle is tethering the implant superiorly, raising it and making it look too high. These surgeries require open capsulotomy, releasing the muscle along the inframammary fold, parasternal region and the anterior axillary line, which will bring the implant back down to a normal position.

before and after Double-Bubble Breast Deformity correction 3 of 3

The key to any surgery is performing the operation in a safe and predictable manner. When placing implant periareolar, Dr. Linder is able to central the implant behind the nipple areolar complex and create a normal breast shape.

Double-Bubble Breast Deformities in general are avoidable if implants are placed through the periareolar or the inframammary fold where the implant can be positioned correctly with proper release of the pectoralis major muscle.

Dr. Linder looks forward to seeing patients from Las Vegas casinos, clubs, high society bars throughout the casinos, cocktail waitresses from the clubs and bars where women make a living with their beauty, especially their physique. He welcomes patients with these problems at all times.

Dr. Linder welcomes patients throughout the country and world for repair of this difficult problem.

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